project44 Drives eBOL Adoption Across LTL Industry, Supporting Shippers, LSPs and Carriers 

Updates to project44 LTL Dispatch solution make it easy for customers to send eBOL data to supporting carriers without building new API endpoints 

CHICAGO, July 2, 2024 – project44, the leader in supply chain visibility and the only High-Velocity Supply Chain Platform, today released enhanced electronic bill of lading (eBOL) capabilities to accelerate adoption of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA)’s standards across the less-than-truckload (LTL) industry. For every pick-up request processed by project44, eBOL data will be automatically sent to carriers – without customers needing to build new API endpoints. By enabling customers to seamlessly adopt the new eBOL standards, project44 is advancing the NMFTA LTL Digital Council’s vision of industry-wide digitization and improved supply chain efficiency.  

“eBOL helps us save time and reduce errors by digitizing data capture and provides upstream visibility into shipment status,” said Mike Grayson, Executive VP and CRO at WWEX Group. “These enhancements improve the efficiency of our day-to-day operations so we can provide a better service to our customers. Adopting the eBOL standards fulfills our industry-wide commitment to innovation and benefits all parties in the LTL ecosystem.” 

Historically, shippers, carriers and logistics service providers (LSPs) relied on paper bills of lading, requiring the manual transfer of information into a digital format. This error-prone process results in limited real-time visibility, reduced tracking quality, freight delays and high overhead costs due to billing complexity and disputes. project44’s eBOL capabilities enable shippers/LSPs and carriers to exchange accurate, concise data hours earlier – mitigating exceptions upstream, decreasing delays and automating billing processes. Furthermore, adopting the new eBOL standards reduces paper waste and carbon emissions, and seamlessly aligns businesses with global sustainability goals. 

“eBOLs are a significant improvement in the logistics industry,” said Mark Davis, VP of Pricing and Traffic at Averitt Express. “By replacing traditional paper-based processes, eBOLs enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve security. They not only streamline workflows but also foster stronger relationships between carriers and customers. With real-time access to critical data, we can deliver cargo more accurately, minimize delays, and create a seamless experience for all parties involved.” 

“Since project44 formed the Digital LTL Council with our customers in 2019, we have been leading the charge for greater standardization and innovation across the LTL industry,” said Jett McCandless, Founder and CEO of project44. “But our work doesn’t stop with the development of new standards. We are committed to removing barriers to adoption and achieving a unified eBOL process that reduces friction for shippers, LSPs and carriers.”  

On the cutting edge of eBOL standardization, project44’s NMFTA-compliant API is integrated with 100% of carriers with eBOL. To make adoption easier for customers, project44 has converted a historical API call for dispatch only into the new eBOL format, bringing customers the immediate benefit of supply chain savings without having to upgrade APIs. project44’s eBOL capabilities offer massive savings over time – with an estimated $3-8 savings per eBOL across more than 18,000 eBOLs sent to carriers per day.  

“project44 has been instrumental in digitizing the LTL shipment lifecycle, helping to drive efficiency, accuracy, and operational excellence for the entire LTL ecosystem,” said Paul Dugent, Executive Director, Digital LTL Council. “Their adoption and promotion of the standard electronic Bill of Lading (eBOL) is a notable example of this progress, as they currently have the highest number of customer shipping locations leveraging eBOL among adopters. We also appreciate project44’s role in establishing the original LTL Digital Council, which has since evolved into the industry group the NMFTA now stewards.” 

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