10 Red Flags When identifying a Supply Chain Visibility Provider

Over the past few years, the supply chain visibility market has exploded. Visibility has evolved from a nice to have technology to a business-critical capability that supply chain leaders rely on to manage day to day operations.

While that’s great news for the industry, it has created a crowded market for buyers. How do you cut though the noise to identify the vendors that can truly deliver end-to-end visibility? project44 can help.

It’s hard to know the right questions to ask, the key capabilities to look for, and how to identify what makes a visibility solution best-in-class.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The red flags to look for when selecting a visibility provider
  • Key questions to ask to ensure the vendor delivers on the promise of real-time, multimodal visibility
  • How the right visibility partner can optimize operations, cut costs, and improve the customer experience.
  • Why Movement by project44TM is used by the world’s leading shippers and logistics service providers.