Advanced Supply Chain Analytics with IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights

Shippers and carriers are trying to find ways to increase efficiency and provide better, more modern customer experiences. The common issues faced by carriers and shippers — late deliveries, slow communication, a reactive vs. proactive approach — are typically caused by a lack of high-fidelity data, inadequate analytics, and poor communication.

These issues are being addressed by advancements in industry technology like IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights, a powerful AI that helps unlock the value of data in entirely new, profound ways. Together, project44’s high-fidelity data and IBM Watson Supply Chain Insights have the ability to provide a better understanding of cause and effect relationships within the supply chain. This dynamic combination identifies the root causes of common exceptions, highlights patterns in past data to predict future issues, and builds highly accurate ETAs based on valuable data like Hours of Service (HoS), and so much more.

Listen to this webinar to hear industry experts from IBM and project44 explain how modern technology can provide increased collaboration between shippers, LSPs and carriers and help the supply chain become more efficient.