Bridging the Gap: Unlocking Visibility for Vendor Managed Freight

Lack of visibility into inbound vendor-managed freight could cost the average Fortune 500 supply chain up to $20M in overspend. Why? Inefficiencies in labor allocation, excess stock, extended wait times at warehouses and costly late penalties are all contributing factors.

Enter Supplier Visibility! Launched earlier this year, project44’s open supplier visibility network unlocks visibility into the upstream supply chain for retailers, consumer goods companies, and manufacturers alike. With real-time information about inbound prepaid shipments from suppliers linked to orders and inventory coming into the network, shippers can better manage inventory levels and carrying costs while breaking down internal silos between transportation and demand chain departments.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • Eliminating silos between transportation and inventory teams
  • Challenges as a result of low visibility into prepaid inbound shipments
  • Current roadblocks & obstacles for shipment visibility
  • Supplier visibility and its value to the entire ecosystem
  • project44 Supplier Visibility demo