Connecting to Your Carrier Network: The Backbone of Visibility

To achieve substantial value from transportation visibility and gain actionable business insights, supply chains need visibility across all of their carriers. Without connections to your comprehensive carrier network, you won’t be able to obtain a complete view into your transportation processes, limiting your ability to deliver meaningful business outcomes. So how can you ensure your provider has the scalable network you need to accelerate time to value and see ROI quickly?

Hear from a panel of experts about why access to an extensive carrier network is critical, how project44 customers have seen success with achieving carrier compliance quickly, and what questions to ask when you’re selecting a visibility solution. Members from project44’s Customer Success and Carrier Strategy teams break down this complex topic and provide useful takeaways you can apply to your global visibility initiative.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • The importance of high-fidelity data and how your tracking approach impacts data quality
  • Why the ability to achieve carrier compliance quickly is critical for advanced visibility
  • How project44 automates the carrier onboarding process and provides a scalable way to manage data sharing relationships with the Network Management Center
  • What carrier network red flags you should look for when selecting a visibility provider