Cut Supply Chain Costs: Smart Strategies to Reduce Detention & Demurrage


Join us for an engaging webinar where we cover strategies for tackling high detention and demurrage (D&D) costs. For large shippers, these fees can add up to tens of millions annually, so understanding both real-time D&D risk and incurred costs is crucial for streamlining supply chain operations.

We’ll show you how project44 gives shippers unmatched visibility into key data points, including container last free day, availability status, and actual costs based on custom tariff contracts, enabling proactive management of D&D costs. By leveraging project44’s advanced analytics, you can spot trends, optimize daily operations, and make informed strategic decisions to save millions each year.

Don’t miss this chance to see how cutting-edge technology can help you reduce D&D costs, minimize risks, and boost your supply chain’s efficiency. Unlock the insights that can drive big savings and improve your bottom line.