Ditch the Drag: Strategies for Overcoming Supply Chain Friction

What’s dragging down your supply chain? It’s friction. Friction in supply chains refers to all the aspects of supply chain errors that slow teams down, create delays, and result in human error. It includes the cobbled together manual processes, low data quality data, and disparate systems that lead to increased costs, delayed deliveries, and diminished customer satisfaction. Our webinar focuses on understanding these friction points and how to reduce friction with AI and workflow automation solutions that enable your teams to act quickly with confidence.

We will cover three key areas where friction negatively affects your supply chain and how to reduce it to achieve high-velocity:

  • Cost: How to remove unnecessary fees and penalties that occur through the supply chain and limit costly expedites
  • Customer Experience: How to increase on-time in full deliveries, reduce “where is my order” calls and meet customer commitments and SLAs.
  • Efficiency: How to eliminate manual processes, errors, and ineffective labor allocation

Watch now to learn how to evolve your supply chain from a bottleneck into a competitive advantage.