Empowering Order and Inventory Visibility

In today’s complex global supply chain, a multitude of disconnected systems and identifiers — such as Purchase Order, SKU, and BOL — are used to track goods from origin to destination. Visibility into shipments, orders, and inventory in a single location is becoming critical to elevate inventory management and increase operational efficiency.

In this webinar recording, industry experts explore the growing need for a single view of associated SKUs, orders, and shipments to predict risk and make more proactive decisions across the supply chain.

Join the webinar to hear:

  • Why global supply chains need a single view for shipment, order, and inventory visibility
  • How various stakeholders across an organization can leverage order and inventory visibility
  • How others have gained visibility across shipments, orders, and inventory to improve on-time delivery and efficiency while reducing costs
  • About project44’s latest order and inventory visibility enhancements