Leading into the Future of Supply Chain Data and Technology

As organizations shift to a customer-centric approach, the supply chain is transforming from a cost center to a competitive advantage. To thrive in this constantly evolving landscape, supply chains rely on technology and data that will allow them to deliver value to the entire organization. While supply chain leaders build data-driven strategies, many face challenges when advocating for technology resources and setting their teams up for success through change.

Renee Ure, VP of Global Supply Chain for the Data Center Group at Lenovo, has built global supply chain teams to remain flexible in an evolving industry. During this webinar recording, Renee shares how she leads through change and discuss how to empower supply chain teams to be successful through disruption and transformation.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why supply chains need to prioritize data and how they can use it in a meaningful way
  • How to get buy in for the supply chain technology and data needed to deliver value for your organization
  • How to build flexible teams and lead through change as the supply chain becomes more data-driven