The Unsung Hero of Supply Chain Visibility: Why Your Carrier Network is Critical for Transportation Optimization

To achieve significant value from transportation visibility, supply chains need comprehensive coverage across their entire carrier network. Without these connections, a complete view into your transportation processes is unattainable, limiting your ability to increase efficiency and improve operations. Savvy supply chains know that achieving carrier coverage should be the number one focus on the road to accelerated time to value and attaining ROI quickly.

Join a panel of experts from Arrive Logistics and project44 as they break down this complex topic and provide useful takeaways you can apply to your own network visibility initiative.

Topics We’ll Cover:

  • The challenges inherent to connecting to carrier networks
  • Why achieving comprehensive carrier coverage should be a critical initiative for LSPs and shippers.
  • How to partner with your carriers to improve communication and streamline operations
  • How technology is being implemented to automate carrier onboarding and achieve compliance quickly.
  • Best practices for increasing compliance, based on data and insights gathered over the last year.