April State of Transportation-Full Truckload

United States Truckload On-Time Performance

Full truckload performance in the US has not yet recovered to pre-Covid levels.

Prior to Covid-19, less than 20% of all loads were late. In the post-Covid environment, we have yet to see numbers return to these levels. In November 2021, we saw a low of 69.3% on-time loads. Thankfully from there, the market has steadily increased back to 77% in March 2023. This rate is still 11% lower than pre-Covid, but it is an 8% improvement from November 2022.

While we are not back to a pre-covid level of performance in the US, the chart above accentuates the progress so far in 2023. February 2023 was the highest on-time performance in February for the past 3 years, and 2023 continues to be substantially better than 2022. It appears that the worst is over, but there is still a long road to recovery.