Data-Driven Execution with Over-the-Road Rating

For a Real-time Transportation Visibility Platform (RTTVP) to truly earn the title of “advanced,” it has to do more than just provide a picture of shipments in transit. It has to go from merely “seeing” shipments to enabling platform users to engage in “doing” — taking action in regard to the lifecycle of their shipments.

project44 is committed to building the most advanced RTTVP. That means expanding our platform capabilities and providing actionable data along with visibility to improve supply chain performance and logistics operations. In addition to giving shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers (LSPs) multimodal visibility across multiple regions, we provide data-rich insights to reduce shipping friction.

The Challenge of Finding Carriers in a Tight Market

In today’s tight trucking market (which is not expected to improve anytime soon), shippers are having difficulty finding carriers to haul loads. Because project44 collects information from a vast network of shippers, carriers, and LSPs, we can analyze that data to give the supply chain community insights for data-driven execution. project44 is uniquely positioned to facilitate connections between shippers and capacity providers to get their loads moved.

To help shippers, LSPs, and carriers solve these challenges, project44 is launching Over-the-Road (OTR) Rating. Now, they can access centralized information on truckload contract and spot rates, improving booking workflows and enabling smarter buying decisions.

OTR Rating is another extension of project44’s platform to help customers overcome capacity challenges and support full shipment lifecycle management. Its release comes on the heels of Cooperative earlier this month, which provides real-time information on truckload carriers with terminating capacity so 3PLs can identify candidates for handling loads on specific lanes. These two solutions are recent examples of how project44 is using its highly accurate real-time supply chain data and cloud-based technology platform to build solutions to help solve critical industry needs.

Removing Friction in the Rating Process

OTR Rating centralizes rating data for a comprehensive view of freight availability. In doing so, it broadens a shipper’s or LSP’s own carrier pool by providing them access to project44’s network of more than 100,000 truckload carriers. A shipper has the ability to add its own personal capacity provider contacts to the project44 network for a comprehensive view of available haulers to select from for carrying a freight load.

The interface saves shippers and LSPs time by eliminating phone calls and quote requests via email. The dashboard lets a user connect to capacity, enter details about a shipment, and receive quotes from carriers within minutes. The shipper or LSP then sees all submitted quotes in a single view with price and transit time information.

On top of that, project44’s platform is impartial when it comes to providing information. A shipper or LSP will get an unbiased quote as project44 has no commercial interest in load tendering and receives no markup. We’re simply improving the process by using our data pipeline and cloud-based technology platform.

Streamlining Carrier Procurement

By centralizing rate information and automating communication, Over-the-Road Rating puts an end to the scramble of finding and booking carriers in today’s tight-capacity market for truckload shipments. With the truckload spot market expected to remain tight for the next couple of years, shippers and LSPs can leverage this new application from project44 to find loads in critical lanes, receive rate requests automatically, and gain insights for smarter decision making.

project44 has made Over-the-Rating Rating and Cooperative free for the remainder of 2021.