project44 Named CEL Sustainable Logistics Award Finalist for Ocean Emissions Visibility Software

project44 is honored to be named a finalist for the CEL Sustainable Logistics Award in Spain for our Ocean Emissions Visibility software. More than another accolade, this award signifies our commitment to building more sustainable supply chains.

Part of making supply chains work is ensuring they are more sustainable for all by reducing the associated and harmful CO2 emissions for a healthier planet. One of project44’s top objectives over the next three years is to reduce supply chain emissions. With our Ocean Emissions Visibility software providing customers insights into their historical carbon footprint, carriers can easily view their shipment data by country of import/export, lane, and carrier – with shipment level granularity.

project44 makes it easy for shippers and logistics providers to set emissions goals, monitor progress, and report on their emissions reduction to customers, regulators, and others. The associated benefits of improved customer experience, transportation optimization, meeting regulatory compliance and lowering emissions helps companies gain a competitive business advantage.

We are not alone in this mission as stewards committed to reducing supply chain emissions: Earlier this year project44 joined the World Economic Forum in partnership with UNICEF as an initial signatory of the Supply Chain & Transport Industry Charter for Humanitarian Supply Chain Resilience alongside other global logistics and carrier leaders.

We worked with a 100B EUR multinational manufacturer to measure and reduce emissions originating from their ocean transport. The company identified it could reduce emissions by nearly 5% – a significant reduction for a company that moves such high volumes. This is just one example of how we’ve been able to demonstrate real Scope 3 emissions reduction for a global shipper using project44’s Ocean Emissions Visibility software.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, visit here. And to get started with our Ocean Visibility software, click here.