Aeris Energy Improves Logistics Management, Embraces Real-Time Visibility and Cuts Operating Costs by Up To 70%  

project44’s platform helps Brazilian wind turbine blade manufacturer with increasing the predictability in its supply chain processes 

Brazilian company Aeris Energy — a major wind generator blade manufacturer located in Caucaia, near Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará — routinely experienced, across industries in different sectors, dependence on several logistic data sources, with conflicting information leading to uncertainty and conflicts. Exception management of inbound and outbound operations was impossible. This situation changed dramatically thanks to a logistics operational revamp that included the adoption of a real-time supply chain visibility platform developed by project44.  

Movement, by project44 was discovered by Aeris’ Foreign Trade team during the 2022 edition of Intermodal South America, one of the largest logistics industry events in the world, held in São Paulo. “At that time, we were waiting for a critical ocean shipment. We requested a demo from specialists at project44, where we verified the platform’s precision and reliability. That was enough to convince our leaders of the tool’s usefulness,” recalls Lana Cardoso, Aeris Energy’s Foreign Trade and Logistics Coordinator.  

The results are impressive. Aeris Energy has seen a reduction of more than 40% in its raw materials inventory, with no occurrences of shortages and downtime risks. In addition, the company has developed new risk control indicators, enabling more assertive decision-making with less impact on costs. “Before implementing the platform, we worked with a lot of changing information. This led to administrative difficulties and a series of logistical conflicts that we had to share with management. Today, the situation is completely different, also in terms of working environment and productivity. Now we work with much more peace of mind,” says Maristela Martins, Planning and Purchasing Coordinator at Aeris Energy. 

With over a year of experience with the Movement platform and almost 2,500 processed containers, Aeris has a shipping history that aids the company’s pricing team. The team can assess which shippers perform better and other cost-benefit indicators for decision-making. 

The new logistics management allows Aeris to operate more efficiently in Brazil’s impressive wind energy landscape. In twenty years, Brazil’s electricity generation from winds grew from 22 megawatts (MW) to 25 gigawatts (GW), according to the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (Abeeólica). Brazil already has approximately 900 dedicated wind farms, benefiting over 108 million consumers. Optimistic forecasts estimate that the Brazilian territory holds the potential to generate 140 GW, even more so with the prospect of using wind energy to produce the promising green hydrogen.  

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