Heavy Rains and Flooding in Queensland Lead to Closure of the Port of Brisbane

Since the past week, South East Queensland has faced severe rainfall, and flooding has disrupted operations at the Port of Brisbane. Over days, continuous, heavy rain has damaged properties, leading to debris washing into the Brisbane River, flowing past the port.

CDT Brisbane

In a notice for shippers, Neil Stephens, the Chief Financial Officer of Port of Brisbane, stated that the regional harbor master suspended all vessel movements in and out of the port. He noted that the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) will soon “begin surveying critical navigational areas, including the channel, swing basins, and berth pockets, as soon as it is safe to do so.”

From a landside operation perspective, except for a few minor damages reported, none are causing access limitations on port roads. Though rail movement within the port premises is fully functional, broader rail network issues have also stopped all rail movements.

Stevedores at the port have continued to operate without cargo being diverted yet; there are shipping delays. Though most terminals are fully functional and have not reported any damages, the debris in the river has caused the suspension of all vessel movements.