Yard management

Transform yard operations with end-to-end intelligent workflow management 

Canada Tire
Constellation Brands
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Manage multiple yards from one platform

Manage multiple yards from one platform

Manage all your facilities from a single cloud-based platform, giving you real-time visibility into operations and the ability to make data-driven decisions. Get oversight into overhead costs and operationalize at scale.

Reduce trailer wait times with automated gate throughput

Reduce trailer wait times with automated gate throughput

Automate gate arrivals and departures and reduce trailer wait times by up to 50%. Drivers pre-check-in is streamlined with a self-service kiosk and QR code to enter the gate. Improve gate throughput and productivity, while freeing up your staff to focus on other tasks.

Schedule labor based on real-time demand

Schedule labor based on real-time demand

Say goodbye to staffing headaches. With predictive ETAs you can optimize labor scheduling to get the most out of your team and improve your overall yard management efficiency.

Take control of facility operations 

All your facilities in one place with a centralized map view

Our dynamic map builder gives you a stable, comprehensive view of your facilities and assets. Easily locate and set geofencing parameters to optimize parking zones and maximize space utilization.

Rely on real-time location visibility from RFID tags and readers for trailers, containers, and chassis. Link chassis to trailers seamlessly, ensuring you always know exactly where your assets are at every second.

Tie orders to inbound and outbound shipments, achieving precise SKU-level visibility. Easily identify which goods are loaded in specific trucks and containers, allowing for real-time planning and execution.

Movement Facilities

Yard Management in Movement

Enhance yard efficiency through powerful automated features.


Dock management

Streamline loading dock operations for teams and drivers with real-time visibility into dock door statuses. Optimize unloading schedules and automate spotter tasks, eliminating the need for manual checks and one-off updates.

Dock management

Spotter and live driver task orchestration

Forget the hassles of manual communication, send automated text messages to drivers guiding them to their trailers at dock doors.

Spotter and Live Driver Task Orchestration

Predictive task management

Power your team’s productivity with seamless task orchestration. Our advanced task engine manages and notifies spotter and live drivers through SMS, making phone calls or walkie talkies redundant.

Predictive Task Management

Detention and dwell time management

Reduce accessorial fees while optimizing your container management. With carrier contracts and last free day information you can more effectively plan loading and unloading to avoid detention and demurrage charges.

Dwell time management
Canadian Tire

We are excited to have partnered with project44 to help us reach new heights in our supply chain to better serve our customers. We share a common vision with improved visibility with our shipments and distribution yards. We look forward to elevating our supply chain processes to new heights, delivering seamless experiences and driving success in an evolving landscape.

Carmine Bosco
AVP Enterprise Supply Chain,
Canadian Tire Corporation

Appointment Management

Proactively re-assign dock space to lessen wait and load times with accurate, integrated multimodal ETAs to increase shipment velocity at the yard. 

Yard Automation

Bring your dock and yard operations into the future with workflow automation and real-time location IoT systems, increasing efficiency across your entire operation. 

Full Truckload

Leverage project44’s extensive network of over 3 million trucks spanning 170+ countries to gain real-time insights into your FTL, LTL, and parcel shipments. 

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