container tracking

Container Tracking

project44 tracks millions of containers per year, providing container tracking functionality across nearly all shipping lines, 700+ ports, and 5k+ vessels — with visibility across 98%+ of global ocean freight. project44 offers container shipping solutions for large and small businesses – choose the solution that’s best for you and get started today.

Ocean Visibility

Container Tracking for High Volumes

High quality Ocean Visibility at the order-level. Proactively manage exceptions, reduce cost from missed transshipments, detention and demurrage, and improve on-time in-full delivery for customers. Ocean Visibility by project44 will increase your supply chain resilience, agility, and customer experience.

Ocean Visibility Flex

Container Tracking for Low Volumes

For small and mid-sized companies needing high-quality container tracking, Ocean Visibility Flex offers immediate visibility with the swipe of a credit card without need for contracts, commitments, or IT. This product is best for those shipping fewer than 2,500 containers per year.

Global Container Tracking





And many more. Contact us for a full list of ocean carriers on the project44 network.

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No contracts, no commitments, just tracking.