Jett McCandless Named a 2017 Rainmaker by DC Velocity

project44 is proud to announce that CEO and Founder, Jett McCandless, has been named a 2017 Rainmaker by the logistics and supply chain management magazine, DC Velocity! DC Velocity selects Rainmakers from candidates nominated by readers, board members, and DCV Thought Leaders, stating, “They’re united by a common goal of advancing the logistics and supply chain management profession.”

In concert with the award’s guidelines, Jett is dedicated to advancing, not only management, but the entire logistics and supply chain industry. He founded project44 for the specific purpose of replacing outdated legacy technology with modern solutions for automation and visibility, capable of connecting the supply chain and providing real-time data. The work being done with new connectivity layers like APIs is already advancing the industry, and revolutionizing the way data is gathered, reported, and acted upon.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management: a Hypergrowth Trajectory

This designation comes after a hypergrowth year for project44, in which we landed over $10M in funding, and grew our enterprise customer base by over 350%. Don’t expect Jett to rest on his laurels, however, as he stated in his interview with DC Velocity, “We are still less than 1 percent of the way down the runway. As more retailers, e-commerce companies, suppliers, and third-party logistics service providers integrate with APIs, we’ll see a period of extreme acceleration. Those who aren’t embracing APIs will be crushed during the next bear market, and there won’t be many non API-focused companies emerging in the next bull market.”

There is still much work to be done, but things are certainly headed in the right direction thanks to the work of publications like DC Velocity and their Rainmakers.

Past winners of the award include Load Delivered’s Robbie Nathan, and logistics and supply chain management professor, Mary C. Holcomb, both of whom have made strong contributions to the advancement of industry technology. Other 2017 Rainmakers include Ken Ackerman, RIck Blasgen, Ben Cook, Joanne Marciano, Jack Samson, Hobey Strawn, and Art van Bodergraven. Check out the announcement here.