Take Control of Your Supply Chain. Meet Movement by project44™.

Despite ever-increasing global challenges, the world keeps moving. And people need access to the products and services they rely on whenever and wherever they want them.

But moving goods efficiently in a way that maximizes benefit yet minimizes cost and environmental impact is growing ever more challenging.

Simply put, the supply chain needs relief.

Carriers are facing record demand but are treated as commodities while their customers expect greater reliability. LSPs consistently need to find the right capacity and manage exceptions despite network changes. Shippers are dealing with unpredictable delivery times while their customers demand greater visibility and speed. And consumers are facing rising inflation with a shortage of essential goods.

The people responsible for overcoming these challenges have been forced to rely on outdated technology to solve modern problems. They are often hamstrung by disconnected teams, disparate systems, and data they can’t trust. As a result, supply chain professionals must use manual processes and inadequate tools that aren’t up to the task.

That’s why we built Movement by project44™.

Powered by data, informed by research, and designed for supply chain professionals, Movement’s infinitely configurable and intuitive user experience delivers real-time visibility, workflow automation, and insights for every mode in every geography, at the shipment, order, and SKU level.

Movement combines the power of the entire project44 product suite into one cohesive experience to get the job done.

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Introducing Movement by project44™

Today, there’s an opportunity to deliver connectivity and transparency to all supply chain partners, enabling a more connected, predictable, and sustainable supply chain.

But until now, valuable information has been kept in siloes where it’s harder to access and doesn’t give logistics professionals the full picture.

When all parties in the supply chain collaborate – carriers, LSPs, shippers, consumers, and technology providers – a better supply chain is achievable. Together, we can make the world more connected, predictable, and sustainable. Together, we can improve lives everywhere to ensure everyone gets access to the things they need. Together, we can make supply chains work.

Movement from project44™ gives you:

  • Complete Visibility. Movement delivers visibility with the full depth, breadth, and extended capabilities you need. From global Ocean, Air, Barge and Rail, to FTL, LTL, and Parcel, Movement provides end-to-end shipment and order-level visibility across all modes, stitched together with multi-modal ETAs from raw material to consumer door. This is made possible by ensuring connectivity to the largest global carrier network. Beyond visibility, Movement delivers a full set of Insights and Workflow capabilities for use cases pre-, during-, and post-transit.
  • Universal Usability. Movement adapts to the unique perspective and needs of your role – delivering solutions for shippers and LSPs, fulfillment managers tracking orders and transportation managers tracking assets, and everyone in between. Through near infinite configurability and a robust set of APIs, data is delivered to any person or system, so you have the information you need, when and where you need it
  • Intuitive Interface. Movement’s easy-to-use user-interface and unified APIs manage the complexity so you can operate with simplicity. Lightning-fast search and configurable workspaces can be set up with the click of a button to ensure flexibility from any user’s perspective. As a result, effortless exception management and collaboration capabilities ensure customer problems can be resolved or avoided altogether.
  • Data Driven. Movement combines the most trusted data in the industry backed by the most sophisticated data science. Gain real-time analytics on your shipment performance, order health, and emissions as well as global market intelligence on port congestion, capacity, and more. Intuitive dashboards make it easy to dig into trends and make better decisions across teams.

Together we can achieve a better supply chain.

Get Started with Movement from project44™ today.