Introducing Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs from project44: Instant Bookable Rates for All Modes

At project44, we understand that enterprise customers heavily rely on transportation management systems (TMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to oversee their supply chains. These organizations often operate multiple applications and complicated tech stacks that require API connections to efficiently receive and transmit data. To address these needs, we’re pleased to introduce our new Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs, which eliminate manual intervention in the pre-shipment process of rating and booking shipments.

The Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs offer one-to-many API connections across all your carriers, delivering real-time rates and an automated booking process. With these APIs, businesses gain access to streamlined rate requests, tendering processes, upstream exception management, and an expanded network of carriers. Whether shippers initiate shipments via their TMS or project44’s Movement platform, the APIs enable them to connect with multiple carriers through a single API integration. This unified approach simplifies the rating and booking processes for shippers and 3PLs, enhancing their operational efficiency and improving overall supply chain visibility.

How It Works

Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs from project44 establish a real-time connection between customers and carriers, providing instant access to contracted rates or new rates from carriers within project44’s network.

Shippers can request rates via their TMS or ERP, which are then seamlessly transmitted through project44’s Rating API to carriers. Automated rates are then returned to the customer’s system, allowing them to book the assigned rate with the chosen carrier via project44’s Booking API. For customers solely utilizing the Booking API, they can directly post booking requests from their system, which are then distributed to their selected carriers. Current supported modes include: FTL Rating and Booking (Tendering), LTL Rating and Booking (Dispatch), Ocean Booking and Air Rating and Booking (coming soon).

By leveraging this API, businesses can:

  • Reduce time spent on procurement workflows, achieving significant time savings through streamlined negotiation processes and instant quoting features.
  • Standardize the process of sending bookings to carriers via API, reducing costs and ensuring accurate and timely information exchange.
  • Benchmark contract rates against current spot conditions, enabling shippers to make informed decisions and secure the most competitive rates in the market.
  • Speed up time to value with a one-to-many API integration, simplifying integration efforts and allowing seamless communication regardless of carriers’ technical capabilities.
  • Seamlessly transition from the booking phase to shipment tracking, providing better upstream visibility and more control over management of shipments.

With streamlined procurement processes, automation, and enhanced visibility, project44 empowers shippers and 3PLs to optimize their supply chains, eliminate discrepancies across systems, and drive operational efficiency.

You can learn more and get started with Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs here.