project44 and Oracle Expand Partnership to Support Air Shipment Tracking

Shipping goods by air is generally not the first choice of logistics managers because of the expense. So, when they opt for air freight, there’s a critical need to get the product or part quickly to another location. It could be an emergency shipment that has to get somewhere right away or high-value-goods for speed-to-market inventory replenishment. No matter the reason, if you’re a logistics manager shipping by air, you want to be able to track its movement to ensure fast, reliable service from the selected air carrier.

project44 and our partners at Oracle recognize the critical importance of tracking air shipments. That’s why we have expanded our partnership with Oracle to include air tracking. Shippers and logistics services providers using the Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) system will now be able to track their air shipments — thanks to its expanded integration with project44’s advanced transportation visibility platform.

The Oracle-project44 TMS partnership

project44 already supports OTM with real-time visibility for truckload, less-than-truckload, parcel, and ocean shipments. project44’s integration with OTM allows users to initialize shipments for tracking via an application program interface (API) that connects Oracle’s transportation management system (TMS) to project44. This connection also provides relevant shipment status, estimated time of arrivals (ETAs), and location updates from project44 directly back to the OTM.

A Single Source of Truth in Air Shipping

By including air transportation visibility in the project44 API for the Oracle TMS, we are giving logistics and transportation managers a single source of truth for managing their air shipments. Before the air-shipping integration was built, our mutual customers would have to use two separate platforms: OTM and project44’s Visibility Operations Center (VOC). By including air modality in our OTM integration, we eliminate the need for users to be living inside of two separate platforms. The integration saves logistics managers time as they won’t have to undertake manual file uploads.

Expanding Modal Visibility for OTM users

With the addition of air-shipment tracking functionality built into project44’s middleware solution, OTM users can unlock all of project44’s tracking capabilities directly inside their TMS application. They are now able to initialize shipments for tracking directly out of OTM for air shipments via the project44 API.

With the planned release of rail shipment tracking next year, OTM users will need only one tool for transportation management covering all modes.