project44 Enhances Movement Platform with New Capabilities to Help Customers Mitigate Supply Chain Disruption

project44 Enhances Movement Platform with New Capabilities to Help Customers Mitigate Supply Chain Disruption

Enhancements helps customers instantly understand the impact of crises on their supply chain and take action

In the last several months, the global supply chain has been fraught with disruption and crises. From the Panama Canal drought to Houthi attacks threatening vessels sailing through the Red Sea, Iran seizing ships in the Strait of Hormuz, to the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, these events have redefined what it means to operate in a Never Normal Supply Chain. Yet as these events occur, supply chain professionals still have a job to do. 

project44 is uniquely positioned to help customers solve supply chain challenges and prepare for any situation since we process over 10B supply chain data points every month. The insights we derive from this data, delivered in our Movement platform, help our customers operate at High-Velocity and act decisively during a developing crisis. With our latest product release, customers can now view all shipments impacted or at risk of impact from a global supply chain event on a global map, which serves as a launching off point for those trying to quickly understand the impact of the disruption on their supply chain and dig into the details to determine any action needed. 

The new view, found on the Movement homepage, is uniquely configured to each customer’s supply chain, showing only those impacted by a given supply chain event. If no disruption event is impacting their supply chain—or if the customer wants a more holistic view of their in-transit shipments—they can also use the map to get a complete view of all their shipments in motion across the globe. 

Movement map that shows the 36 active shipments that are on vessels rerouting to avoid the Red Sea

The screenshot above shows the 36 active shipments that are on vessels rerouting to avoid the Red Sea. From here, common user actions include: 

  • Sharing the view with key stakeholders looking to understand the potential impact of the Red Sea crisis on their supply chain 
  • Zooming in on the map to get granular detail on where individual shipments are and then clicking through to the shipment detail page to get more information 
  • Viewing a list of all the shipments shown on the map to further investigate and determine where action is needed to prevent downstream effects such as stock-outs, late customer deliveries, or missed production schedules

One customer that has been using Movement to mitigate the impact of recent crises on their supply chain is a multinational automotive parts manufacturer. They utilize project44 for production and stock management and have seen significant value from our real-time intelligence on the impact of disruptions to their supply chain. With project44, they have been able to pinpoint areas of stock depletion and execute continent-wide stock re-dispatching strategies, ensuring continuity in their operations throughout the ongoing Red Sea crisis. 

project44 customers benefit from dynamic AI-powered views of shipments impacted—or at risk of being impacted—and maps them for a simple single-pane-of-glass view to instantly understand impact so they can take swift action and respond to supply chain disruptions faster than ever. What previously would have taken days, now takes hours or less, keeping Movement users a step ahead when the unexpected occurs. With critical insights at their fingertips, customers can avoid costly effects like unnecessary air expedites, line stoppages, or late deliveries to ensure global crises aren’t their crisis. 

To learn more about project44 and these new capabilities, visit project44’s website.