Wan Hai Container Tracking

Ocean Visibility Flex by project44 offers immediate visibility for your Win Hai containers with no need for contracts, commitments or IT setup.

Wan Hai Tracking

project44 container tracking gives you global visibility for Wan Hai and any other carrier or forwarder. With Ocean Flex, you receive real-time container data, such as predictive ETAs and shipment status, all automatically updated by machine learning algorithms, in one centralized dashboard. You are immediately informed of container delays to take proactive steps and avoid D&D fees. Keep your customer informed at every stage and stay one step ahead.

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project44’s new lightweight solution for small and mid-sized shippers means a flexible payment plan with no contracts and commitments. The first 50 containers are free and just $8 per container; after that, up to 2,500 containers.

Do you ship more than 2,500 containers annually? Please contact our enterprise sales team.

Getting Started with Wan Hai Container Tracking

Getting started with Ocean Visibility Flex from project44 is easy. 

To track your Wan Hai containers, you first need to identify your Wan Hai container ID booking number. To find this number, locate your Wan Hai bill of lading. Your bill of lading will include important information like booking ID. Once you’ve located this number, simply input it into our container tracking tool and get started tracking your Wan Hai containers for free.

Ocean Flex from project44 also allows you to track your Wan Hai containers using MBL / BL Number (Master Bill of Lading) or Container Number.

Why Container Tracking Matters

Ocean container tracking is important for a number of reasons. It allows businesses to manage their supply chain more efficiently and effectively. By tracking the movement of Wan Hai and other containers, businesses can better plan their logistics and ensure that goods are delivered on time. This can save time and money, as well as reduce the risk of delays or lost shipments.

Tracking Wan Hai containers also helps to improve security in the supply chain. By knowing the exact location of a container at any given time, businesses can identify potential risks or threats and take appropriate measures to protect their shipments. This can include monitoring for potential theft or tampering, as well as ensuring that containers are not being used for illegal activities such as smuggling.

In addition, tracking containers can help businesses to comply with regulatory requirements, such as those related to customs or quarantine. By knowing the exact location and contents of a container, businesses can provide the necessary documentation and information to comply with these requirements and avoid potential fines or delays. Overall, ocean container tracking is essential for managing the movement of goods and ensuring a smooth and efficient supply chain.

About Wan Hai

Founded in 1965 in Taiwan, since the mid-seventies, Win Hai has become one of the largest companies in the container shipping industry, with a fleet of 72 vessels and a capacity of roughly 180,000 TEUs. 

Win Hai has the most intensive and comprehensive service network available in Asia and has recently expanded its Asia shipping network services to North and South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

With 40 years of experience and nearly 4000 employees, Win Hai is still exploring new routes, opportunities and strategic alliances.

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