Transforming the LTL Ecosystem: How Collaboration and Automation Is Elevating the LTL Lifecycle

LTL shipping is complex and interconnected, creating challenges for shippers and 3PLs trying to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and meet customer expectations. To create a strategy that fulfills these goals, supply chains need to elevate their LTL practices by partnering with carriers and tech providers to create a fully connected ecosystem.

In this webinar, hear from industry experts about how LTL is transforming and why collaboration is essential to increase efficiency and improve reliability.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why the LTL market needs to evolve to meet their customers’ needs and what factors make this transformation challenging
  • How LTL carriers are incorporating digitalization and automation using tools like project44 to better collaborate with their customers
  • What this evolution means for the future of LTL and how shippers can collaborate with their ecosystem to tackle LTL challenges