Top 3 Questions on Carrier Data, Answered

At project44, data is the core of what we do. We pride ourselves on having clean, complete, and accurate data for shippers and carriers. Part of taking data seriously is keeping it safe.

Carriers who use project44 consent to share their location and shipment information with us – and naturally, we receive many questions about what we do with that information. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to carrier data:

Q: What carrier data is sent to project44?

A: project44 receives GPS location data from carriers when a shipment is active using a suite of secure connection options – preferably from an API connection or ELD/telematics integration. Load tracking begins no more than 90 minutes before the beginning of the appointment window or when the truck is nearing the pickup location. When a truck leaves the final drop off location, GPS data sharing ends and no more data is captured. Data collection is also terminated if a vehicle misses a stop or another unforeseen event occurs affecting the transport. Drivers’ shifts and driving times are never recorded.

Click here for a simplified explanation of when data sharing with project44 begins and ends.

Q: What carrier data is shared with project44’s customers (shippers)?

A: Tracking information is used to create an ETA that is shared with the customer, along with load location information. project44 only tracks shipments when they are active and does not collect data between shipments.

Q: How does project44 ensure that carrier data is protected?

A: The project44 platform and network are monitored for intrusion at all times. Regular vulnerability testing is performed, including annual third-party vulnerability and penetration tests. Project44’s Security Operations team is proactive when it comes to security. If threats are identified, incident management policies, plans, and response teams are established to conduct appropriate investigation, response, and communication.

Recently, project 44 achieved ISO 27001 certification, recognizing our proven commitment to the highest level of information security management. To earn this recognition, organizations must demonstrate a systematic and documented approach to protecting and managing sensitive company and customer information, including intellectual property, employee and customer data, financial information and information entrusted to it by third parties.

Still have questions? Head to our Carrier FAQ page for more information.

Joining the project44 carrier network increases efficiency and visibility for carriers and their customers using technology they already have while improving driver satisfaction – all for free.